The WRR 500cc Lansdowne Championship 2019

Pre-1964 351cc–500cc racing motorcycles either original or replica, to original specification. Subject to a handicap system, in-period modifications are allowed, for example: wheel size, exhausts and carburettors, competitors may use a tyre manufacturer of their choice.


1Chris Bassett186
2George Thomas148
3Peter Carr104
4Gordon Russell84
5Robin Stokes76
6Seb Perez68
7Tony Perkin57
8Stuart Tonge53
9Steve Parrott46
10Roger Munsey40
11Richard Hann38
12Mike Farrall35
13Ian Lucas29
14Kenneth Perch25
15Adam Wilson16
16Charlie Williams15
17Roger Skip11
18Nick Roberts9
19=Pete Western8
19=Derek Bunning8
21Nick Bedford6
22Sian Brooks5
23Cliff Ransley4
24Harry Cole3