Lansdowne Classic Racing - Eligible Motorcycles

The objective of the Lansdowne Classic Series is to create and maintain a level playing field for those wishing to race genuine (and faithful replicas) of pre 1964 Group 1 and 2 machines without encountering the modern short stroke, lightweight faired missiles that predominate in classic racing.

This is with the intention of recreating as far as possible the sight, sounds and spirit of racing in the 1950s and early 1960s for both rider and spectator alike, while at the same time maintaining a viable event for the host club or circuit. 

We also open up the series to pre-55 machines as were originally raced at post-war Goodwood in 1952

We do our best to fill the grids with compatible machines that will be competitive against each other. Obviously, this very much depends on the machines that enter each individual race event but we think you’ll find that a good mix and variety of machinery makes for good, close and competitive racing in our series.

This is a summary of the motorcycles considered eligible for racing in the Lansdowne Classic Series. This is not an exhaustive list but lists most of the machines often raced or have raced in the past in the series.

A more detailed list containing bore/stroke, braking and suspension specifications for each of these motorcycles is downloadable here. The applicable LCS Classes are detailed on our Classes page.

350cc and 500cc Grand Prix Bikes c.1935 to 1963 which can become eligible for Classes 11a, 11b, 11c

MakeModelYrs of ManuCapacity (cc)LCS Class
AermacchiA’la Dora1961-6335011c
AJSPorcupine1945-5450011a or 11b
BMWR5RSc.1954-6350011a or 11b
BSAGoldstar1939-6250011a or 11b
Gilera4 cyl1947-6350011a or 11b
GileraSaturno1946-5750011a or 11b
MatchlessG501958-6350011a or 11b
MatchlessG451953-5850011a or 11b
Moto GuzziLay down engine1946-5735011c
MV Agusta 4 cyl1950-6350011a or 11b
NortonInternational 40M1932-4634911c
NortonInternational 30M1932-4649011a or 11b
NortonInternational 40M1946-5234911c
NortonInternational 30M1946-5249011a or 11b
NortonManx 350 (40M)1952-6234811c
NortonManx 500 (30M)1952-6249911a or 11b
NortonCS1pre war49011a or 11b
NortonDomiracer1961-6250011a or 11b
TriumphGrand Prix1949-5050011a or 11b
VincentGrey Flash1949-5150011a or 11b

350 to 1000cc Road Bike based machines c.1935 to c. 1954 which could be made eligible for Class 11d

MakeModelYears of ManuCapacity (cc)LCS Class
BMWR50/2 R50/31945-195450011d
MatchlessG80c /G80CS1948-195450011d
NortonDominator 881946-5450011d
NortonDominator 991946-5460011d
NortonInternational 40M1932-4634911d
NortonInternational 30M1932-4649011d
NortonInternational 40M1946-5234911d
NortonInternational 30M1946-5249011d
NortonCS1pre war49011d
NortonModel 181947-5550011d
Royal EnfieldBullet1946-5450011d
Royal EnfieldMeteor1946-5450011d
Royal EnfieldSuper Meteor1946-5470011d
TritonTriumph eng F’bed frame1954500 or 65011d
Triumph6T etc1950-5465011d
Triumph5T, T100 etc1945-5450011d
VincentBlack Shadow1948-5599811d

Please note: 1. This is not an exhaustive list. 2. Data is for general guidance. 3. Please contact the Lansdowne team before embarking on a purchase or project –