Round 5 2023 – Anglesey

Storm Betty did it’s utmost to bugger up the final round of our series but a determined team in the hosting NG club were ready to pounce at the first break in weather and with winds up to 75 mph the whole meeting was very much under threat. With Saturday a none event we hardy, read stupid, jockeys braved out a horrendous evening of restraining billowing awnings and tents at ungodly times in the night fighting a loosing battle to natures vicious attack. Always up for adventure, we chose the height of the storm to bring in the failing canopies, six of us at 3am suspended from Mike Farralls awning as he tried to wind in his motorhome sail, as water cascaded into his face it kept us amused for half an hour before a disturbed sleep brought a cool but less windy Sunday morning. The organisers threw out some cannon-fodder to test the conditions, whoop, whoop it’s rideable ! A reduced timetable allowed for qualifying with a couple of races which was just the tonic for the bleary eyed survivors.


Being out with a few of the later Japanese plastic rockets made for some interesting overtakes and although not ideal, ten minutes track time produced some decent times even with the headwind clouting the usual back straight mph. Championship jockey Peter Bardell showed his class taking pole from a determined George Thomas P2 who was out to protect his Championship crown from Tony Perkin who took P3 on the grid. P4 was beaming Clubman Angela Cragg who stylishly matched her riding talent to her lovely Manx, a pairing made in heaven (Yorkshire ?). P5 was this years clubman supremo Matt Hebb from a delighted Richard Dawson whose result’s are heading skywards. John Cragg placed P12 on his 350, Paul Stephen best of the pre-55 in P15.

Race 1

An intimidating left hander draws you in, tightens, then fires you into the positive cambered right, Bardell took the hole-shot but GT had just one thought in mind, he needed to win, diving under Bardell in the right pushed both riders wide, Perky’s plan didn’t involve a slugging match with these two, GT had to win, Perky needed two clean third places for the championship so choosing over-gearing to allow low rpm down the straight for a safe reliable finish, finger’s crossed ! Matt Hebb tucked in tight behind Perky from Angela Cragg a whisker behind and hungry ! GT pilled on the pressure for 4 four laps, Bardell soaked it up until a deflated GT had to retire, his Manx crying enough. Pete Bardell cruised to the win from a jubilant Perky having Bagged the Championship overall in second with Angela literally sharing his shadow over the line for her first Clubman P1. Matt Hebb comfortably took 4th from the rampaging pack that had Ian Lucas, Andy Glasgow and Richard Dawson getting down and dirty, a feisty little group all evenly matched early on before Andy Glasgow took control, heading Dawson and Lucas at the flag. Simon Hocking was really chuffed to pass and keep ahead of Stuart Tonge, as John Cragg sealed another quality 350 ride and win managing to keep Ken Perch between him and his 350 adversary Jack Hebb. Paul Stephen took his first trophy this year on his wonderful early Manx stead.

Peter Bardell leads the pack but Tony Perkin #22 just needed 2nd to win the championship
Photo © Jackie Benstead
British ChampionshipClubman 500
1st – Peter Bardell1st – Angel Cragg
2nd – Tony Perkin2nd – Matt Hebb
3rd – Andrew Glasgow
Avon Clubman 350Pre-55
1st – John CraggPaul Stephen
2nd – David Hebb

Race 2

With GT starting at the back, Bardell hit the front and even though Angela Cragg was right up his chuff for a lap, he stuffed in lap after quality lap to take the flag and never heeded. Angela kept up such a high pace it took a charging GT four laps to nip past, whilst Perky waited for the mistake that didn’t happen staying in Angela’s shadow right till the last lap when a botched overtaking move down the cork-screw as he didn’t allow for Angela taking a more defensive line saw Perky take to the grass licking his wounds but staying upright and both crossing the line safe, Angela bagging another first Clubman. Matt Hebb had a fairly quiet race in P2 Clubman ahead of another strong ride from Andy Glasgow collecting the final clubman trophy. Stuart Tonge only just held off an encouraging finish by Simon Hocking nothing between them at the flag. Mechanical failures saw Mike Farrall work to do to get his G50 ship-shape for Goodwood and Alex Williams rounded of a shocking weekend for the talented newcomer as he snapped off a rear damper rod ! 

Without doubt the rider of the meeting was Angela Cragg, who having Cragified her latest acquisition found the ex Chris Bassett Manx very much to her liking, a very tidy and impressive performance. Thank you to Charlie Williams who stepped in to present the trophies, to Mike and Elaine for bringing the show trailer, Gill Tonge for the results and Louise Perkin for organising the prize-giving. The meeting was a success after all especially for some of us ?? See you all at the dinner, cheers Tony

Tony Perkin brings it home in 3rd place to secure his championship winning position
Photo © Jackie Benstead
British ChampionshipClubman 500
1st – Peter Bardell1st – Angela Cragg
2nd – George Thomas2nd – Matt Hebb
3rd – Tony Perkin3rd – Andrew Glasgow
Avon Clubman 350Pre-55
NonePaul Stephen
Paul Stephen with everything scraping on the ground follows Ken Perch
Photo © Jackie Benstead