The Lansdowne awards 2021

The Lansdowne presentation evening 2021

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Through the beer goggles of Tony Perkin

The Manor once again hosted our annual awards to a full house of eighty five impeccably dressed racers, sponsors and supporters of Lansdowne – ‘the’ purest classic race series. Here to collect trophies, enjoy excellent food, have a lot of laughs, win a few prizes and have a bit of bidding fun in the auction.

Guests of honour were Steve and Victoria Plater, also our long term friends and sponsors Steve and Tif from Avon Tyres. As host I did my upmost to slate racers and bring them down a peg or two, needed as we are all sooooo fast when fuelled by the odd snifter!  I then handed the mike over to Steve Plater for a great low key chat about his incredible career.

Amazingly we raised £1400 from the raffle and auction with all proceeds going to the TT Riders Association and charities. Enormous thanks to all riders / partners / helpers / supporters throughout this weird year as Lansdowne continues to thrive.

Next year’s calendar looks incredible and new blood will be on the grid upsetting the order, vying for results so they can get slated be me at next years dinner! Congratulations to all the trophy winners and everyone involved in the Lansdowne series, Merry Christmas and a ‘fast’ new year.


Lansdowne British GP Championship 2021

  1. David Tetley 155
  2. Ian Bain 135
  3. Sam Clews 133

Clubman’s 500cc Championship 2021

  1. Tony Perkin 216
  2. George Thomas 208
  3. Matthew Hebb 119

Avon 350cc Lansdowne Championship 2021

  1. David Hebb 174
  2. John Cragg 146
  3. Mike Baldwin 68

The Lansdowne pre-55 Championship 2021

  1. Jimmy May 129
  2. Ben Kingham 70
  3. Mike Farrall 58

350cc Thirkell Cup 2021 (over-60s in the Avon Championship)

  1. Jack Hebb 160
  2. John Cragg 116
  3. Mick Baldwin 68

500cc Thirkell Cup 2019 (over-60s in the 500 Clubman’s Championship)

  1. Steve Parrott 174
  2. Robin Stokes 107
  3. Mike Farrall 86

Karl Heinz Lansdowne Cup 2021 (highest points scorers over the four Championships)

  1. Tony Perkin
  2. George Thomas
  3. Jack Hebb
Classic motorcycle racing with the Lansdowne Classic Series

Our winners were presented their trophies by Steve Plater

Additional awards of the evening

David James Trophy: Geoff Leather

Brian Penfold Trophy: John Cragg

Roy Richards Trophy: Stuart Tonge

Harry Whitehouse Trophy: George Thomas

Goathland Garage Trophy: Tony Perkin

Amal Trophy: Roger Munsey

Ray Petty Trophy: John Cragg