The Lansdowne dinner and awards 2018

Some of the Lansdowne awards winners

The Saturday night event at the Manor Hotel Meriden brought together the ladies and gentleman of The Lansdowne Classic Series for our annual prize giving and dinner. The evening was a great success celebrating our championship winners and individual cup prizes.

Auction and raffle

Following the events of the evening we held a charity auction hosted by our race report scribe and WRR rider Tony Perkin. Lansdowners throughout the room went head-to-head, bidding for everything from Champagne to race leathers and starter rollers. We would like to thank all the riders and sponsors for their generous donations. The event rasied in excess of £5,000, All proceeds going to a great cause close to our hearts, the family of our dear friend and fellow Lansdowner, Clive Ling.

Thank you

We would like to take this opportunity to also thank two special couples who have given so much to The Lansdowne Classic Series over the years, Richard and Jean Adams and Peter and Sue Crew. Both have decided to step down this year and enjoy a well deserved retirement, we hope to still see them during the 2019 season.

Manx Norton racing at the Lansdowne Classic Series
© Richard Adams
Richard and Jean Adams Lansdowne Classic Series
Tony Raynor Lansdowne Classic racing Avon 350 Championship 2018
© Richard Adams
Jimmy May Lansdowne Classic Racing Avon 350cc 3rd place 2019
© Richard Adams
Stuart Tonge Lansdowne Classic Series Thirkell Cup 2nd place 2018
© Richard Adams
Gordon Russell Lansdowne Classic bike racing awards 2018
© Richard Adams
Tony Perkin Lansdowne Classic Racing WRR 3rd place 2018
© Richard Adams
Chris Bassett Lansdowne classic racing WRR 2nd place 2018
© Richard Adams
Mike Russell Lansdowne classic racing Bonhams British Championship 2018
© Richard Adams

See the full Championship positions here

Bonhams Lansdowne British GP Championship 2018

  1. Sam Clews 244
  2. Mike Russell 218
  3. Dean Stimpson 204

WRR 500cc National Motorcycle Museum Lansdowne Championship 2018

  1. Peter Crew 219
  2. Chris Bassett 208
  3. Tony Perkin 192

Avon 350cc Lansdowne Championship 2018

  1. Tony Raynor 203
  2. Mick Baldwin 142
  3. Jimmy May 126

The Classic Motorcycle (TCM) Lansdowne Club Class Championship 2018

  1. Sam Rhodes 80
  2. Charlie Williams 28
  3. Derek Bunning 27

500cc Thirkell Cup 2018 (over-60s)

  1. Peter Crew 241
  2. Stuart Tonge 214
  3. Richard Hann 132

350cc Thirkell Cup 2018 (over-60s)

  1. Tony Raynor 204
  2. Mick Baldwin 127
  3. Cliff Ransley 82

Karl Heinz Lansdowne Cup 2018 (highest points scorers over the four Championships)

  1. Sam Clews 244
  2. Peter Crew 219
  3. Mike Russell 218