Join the Lansdowne Classic Series in the Algarve

Autódromo Internacional do Algarve – Portimao Portugal 2024

The Lansdowne Classic Series has been invited to the amazing Portimao circuit over the weekend of 24-27 October, 2024. All Lansdowne registered bikes are eligible and some non-Lansdowne bikes which in the opinion of the Lansdowne organisers are in the spirit of Lansdowne racing. Please use the contact email below to enquire about the possibility of bringing a non-Lansdowne bike. This is not a round of the 2024 Lansdowne Championships.

Booking Your Place:
To book your place you will need to pay a non-returnable deposit of £350 to BACS a/c 02183838 sort code 40-43-19 (ref Your Name plus the word ‘Port’)by April 30th, 2024. All relevant details will be sent to you from then on. Please also email to notify that you are joining the trip.

Payment in installments:
There will be three payments as follows:

  • Deposit of £350 by April 30 as above plus 2 more residual payments –
  • Payment 2 of £400 on or before June 30
  • Payment 3 – the balance of approximately £400 on or before August 31

What is included:

  • The entry fee to cover a 20-minute qualifying session and 2 races of 20 minutes (approximately 9 laps). Extra practice may be purchased when we arrive at the circuit.
  • We have arranged transportation, (and paid the deposit for it) for your bike, race clothing, spares and so on to the circuit and back again including carnet charges. Much more information will follow about pick-up and delivery, what can be taken and so on in due course. Please enquire about the possibility of an extra bike using the contact below, but extra places may be limited.

What is not included:

  • Flights to and from UK and Faro airport Portugal. There are currently plenty of flights available.
  • Car Hire is not included but there are currently plenty of deals available.
  • Accommodation is not included but there is some information below as guidance on booking accommodation.
  • You will need ACU Start Permission and insurance to race in Europe, which is not included, however it is likely that we will have a reduced rate for the insurance element if we apply as a group of around 25 riders. More will follow on this later as the details are sorted.
  • Fuel and other racing consumables are not included. AA Oil will be supplying race fuel at the circuit we are told.

Making your own way there:
Whist you are welcome to make your own way there and back we would urge you to join in with the Lansdowne package because the more we get buying in to the package the cheaper the transport will be for each member.

Accommodation Hints (as at 9/4/24):
Currently on – Algarve Race Resort hotel is about £110 per night with breakfast – Algarve Race Resort Apartments about £80 per night, depending on size of accommodation – In Portimao itself, apartments from about £70 per night, and complete villas from £100 per night depending on the number of bedrooms, facilities etc.

These included parking……and free cancellation.

Mob: 07702 331647