Classic signs of a new race season approaching

Lansdowne Classic motorcycle racing Series

Early-season commentary by Tony Perkin

Spring approaches, the daylight hours eat into the gloomy winter darkness, anticipation stirs in every rider. Hibernating Lansdowne pilots stretch taught tendons with the promise of the upcoming season being their best yet. The first buds are appearing on the trees, we are finishing work in the light and returning home to a full mousetrap… all signs that it’s close! Lansdowne 2020 beckons.

A new year, a new race season

Our New Year’s resolutions are still in full swing; Nike’s famous air soles bloat under the Christmas binge and scales show signs of wear ’n tear as readings are tested over again – they can’t be right? But, a fresh shave and nails trimmed make so much difference, especially to the blokes.

The bikes are disturbed from the arachnid’s home that they have become in the corner of the garage. You pump up your tyres as you nestle into the crouched race position and daydream. A screaming lower back brings you back to reality, three and a half minutes of yoga-inspired twisting confirms all is well and you will be at Silverstone, our season opener.

You sit back on the bike and assume the position, cocking your head sideways, making imaginary eye contact with Sheene as you power to the flag in that epic ’79 Silverstone duel, taking the win by a whisker.

Silverstone National, round one

Silverstone is the home of MotoGP and 18th–19th April will see us join the Vintage and Sports Car Club on the National circuit for what promises to be a superb and very interesting meeting, with lots of rare classic race cars sharing the hallowed tarmac for this spectacular event.

This unsilenced event will bring out the best in Lansdowne’s classic bike racing. The noise and competitive action will enthrall the petrol-head car buffs. Their knowledge of suck, squeeze, bang, blow engineering will induce their admiration and appreciation.

This awakening stirs the grey matter, join Lansdowne for 2020 and receive your ACU licence code. Check: riding kit, tools, bike, gearing, brakes, tyres, click on the Lansdowne website and get familiar with the latest content… any problems just ask.

Take part

Team Lansdowne is forging ahead through difficult times with insurances, track availability, and bureaucracy all becoming increasingly tiresome for all racing clubs. We strive to keep Lansdowne as a true pure classic racing class whilst others dilute what they have and wither away.

With your support and help, we can promote ourselves as the cream of the crop! The more bikes on the grid the better, this not only gives cheaper entry fees and a strong financial footing it encourages sponsorship which improves our profile and further reduces your costs.

Historically Lansdowne has enjoyed close racing right through the field and a small effort from all lessens the burden on the Team. Early entry to meetings as soon as regs are available is essential. Offering help and advice to new riders is invaluable, and lastly simply to have fun – it’s why we race in the first place! Wishing you all a fantastic 2020.