The Clive Ling trophy meeting

The Lansdowne celebrate the life and racing of Clive Ling

Round five at Snetterton 200

The Lansdowne bring their grid of classic race bikes to Norfolk and the Snetterton 200 circuit on 28-29 September. Hosted by CRMC, our dedicated grid of classics are all set to contest the final round.

It’s tight at the top in the Bonhams British 500 GP Championship with just 22 points between Ripley Land’s Peter Bardell and defending Champion ACR’s Sam Clews. Luke Bailey and Mike Russell are equally close in the battle for third overall.

Chris Bassett is fairly comfortable at the head of the National Motorcycle Museum supported WRR 500 Championship. Bassett has a 38 point buffer between himself and Tony Dunnell’s rider George Thomas. Pistol Pete Carr needs to secure consistent finishes in order to fend off Gordon Russell for the bronze season reward.

David Hebb has enjoyed a consistent season and leads the Avon 350 Championship. However, there’s only 13 points covering Jimmy May, Mick Baldwin and Cliff Ransley to decide silver and bronze.

Fernando Mendes has just one win in hand over Mike Farrall for the TCM Championship supported by The Classic Motorcycle Magazine. Derek Bunning sits not too far behind in third and could still be overhauled by Kevin Rushworth.

Celebrating our friend Clive Ling

Each meeting in 2019 has been titled a ‘Trophy’ meeting where we acknowledge the racing careers of notable riders and fellow Lansdowners. Our final round is The Clive Ling Trophy.

Clive was a hugely valued and much respected member of our racing community, ever ready to help out; ever ready to join in a bit of friendly banter; always smiling and happy; always ready to be a tough adversary on the track.

Clive Ling was popular member of the Lansdowne paddock and wider classic racing scene; kind and thoughtful but competitive to the core. His fighting spirit easily crossed over from bike racing to triathlon and swimming events at the highest level. Clive’s talents didn’t rest at the sharp end of sport. He was an excellent fabricator and engineer and his craftsmanship can be found just about everywhere in the paddock.

On the track he was determined and tenacious – but I always knew him to be generous in defeat and gracious in victory. I wasn’t born in Norfolk, but I have lived here long enough to recognise that the county breeds a certain type of man who is quiet but determined, strong in friendship and loyalty; slow to anger and quick to smile. The sort of person you know you can depend on.

Graham Lawlor

Clive not only loved bikes, he could talk about them till the cows came home, he could build and assemble them to the highest standard, he could ride them without wanting to do anything else, race them very competitively and he could teach and help others as an instructor.

Robert Bensley

Sally & I first came across Clive at Snetterton in 1987 when he turned up with a beautiful bike he had made himself and showed scant respect for us established stars. Later he worked for Competition Fabrications with Nick Parravani and I used to love going round there and I was always amazed at the skills Nick and Clive demonstrated. Clive seemed offhand when complimented about the latest miracle he had performed on a petrol tank I had squashed as though anyone could do it.

Gordon Russell